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How to choose the best social wall

A social wall helps you bring together content from multiple platforms, moderate it, curate it, and then show it off to the world. Having everything in one place allows you to interact with the people engaged with your content in real-time. An open dialogue creates a sense of community around your business. It keeps people happy and encourages them to keep posting.

With so much choice out there, it’s very difficult to decide which one is the best social wall for each brand. I’ve put together some tips to help you figure out what your needs are when choosing a social media wall.
Things to consider when picking a social wall 1. Real-time updates The number one thing you want from a social wall is real-time updates. Why? Because a real-time social wall makes your website or event more interactive and fun by allowing you to display relevant content for your audience. It enables you to engage your customers in real-time conversations about your brand. It also enables you to spread the wor…

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