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How to attract and keep customers by changing their habits

Products can change people  Certain products change what we do and who we are. Products can get us addicted as we create a habit using them even multiple times a day with little or no thought behind our actions. Designing addictive products is a form of manipulation, that's why product builders need to make sure that they are building healthy habits, not unhealthy addictions.
 The ultimate goal is to solve the user’s pain  Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain are two key motivators in all species. A habit is when not doing an action causes pain. Your product's goal is to solve the user’s pain by creating an association so that the user identifies the company’s product or service as the source of relief.

 Behavior change: motivation, ability, and triggers  Dr. B. J. Fogg, director of Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University, developed a model that serves as a simple way to understand what drives our actions. The Fogg Behavior Model is represented in a formula, B = MAT, whi…

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